Lechuza Puro Color 20 All-in-One Set

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Product Information

Lechuza planters will keep your plants nourished, taking care of them while you are away or when you simply forget to water them.

All Lechuza planters come with the sub-irrigation set.

Each set includes:

Water level indicator, showing when the reservoir needs to be refilled.

Plastic separator, forming the reservoir at the bottom of the planter.

Drain plug to allow rainwater to drain when used outdoors.

Lechuza Pon, acting as a drainage layer and controlling the water supply.


Lechuza takes the stress out of plant care, supplying water to your plants as needed and allowing for longer stretches of time between watering.

Lechuza planters are made of sturdy plastic that can withstand cold temperatures and harsh weather, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to the drain plug, you can place the planter outdoor and easily remove the excess rainwater. No need to drill holes on the bottom!


Can I place the pot outdoors?
Yes, the pot is suitable for outdoor use. If the pot has no drainage holes, we suggest that you drill the base with an appropriate drill bit or a screwdriver so that the excess water can escape. It is better to drill several small holes rather than one large hole.
Lastly, a layer of expanded clay pebbles on the bottom of the pot ensures that soil cannot escape from the drain holes. For taller pots, we suggest that you fill the bottom with a layer of sand or gravel in order to weigh down the pot and keep it from tipping over.

Any tips for using the pot indoors?
It is recommended to add a layer of clay pebbles on the bottom of the pot. This allows excess water to drain, while retaining moisture and releasing it back to your plant's roots.

Can the pot withstand extreme temperatures?
Yes, the pot has weather-resistant properties and can withstand all temperatures, including summer heat and winter cold. Keep in mind that - unlike the pots - plants must be protected from freezing temperatures.

Will the colour fade over the years?
No, our pots and planters are UV-resistant and will not fade.

Is the pot shock-proof?
Our pots are made of very sturdy plastic, which will not break if the pot is dropped from a reasonable height. Avoid using sharp or pointed objects, as they may damage the pot.

How can I clean the pot?
You can use any mild degreaser.

Do you apply discounts for resellers or for large quantities?
>We offer additional discounts for large quantities.

Is there a store or showroom where your products are displayed?
Our products are displayed at our Garden Center in Ravenna, Italy.

How does Lechuza sub-irrigation system work?
Lechuza sub-irrigation system ensures that your plants receive the exact amount of water they need for optimal growth, following the example set by nature.
The system begins working as soon as the roots grow into the moisture area. This can take up to three months. Just continue watering your plant as you normally would until then.
When the 3 months have passed, the plant will receive all the water it needs from the reservoir. All you need to do is refill the reservoir when the water level indicator reaches the Minimum mark. The plant normally drinks all the water in the reservoir in about 2-12 weeks.
To keep your plant looking its best, periodically add liquid fertilizer to the water reservoir.

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Lechuza Puro Color 20 All-in-One Set

Lechuza Puro Color 20 All-in-One Set

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